"Nature is not a place to visit. It is home."-Gary Snyder

Next time you are shopping for new floors make sure you consider natures best option, timeless hardwood.



Quality Brands

How to Choose

Let's be honest. Buying hardwood floors is not a cheap investment. How do you know you are making the right decision? Here at Touchdown, we understand how complicated it can be to find the right hardwood. So let us help you with your decision by only offering you quality brands and installation. Don't be fooled by advertising from the big stores offering cheap hardwood. Most of those affordable products are discontinued or second quality, meaning you get no warranty. Come in today to see what we can do for you.


Solid Hardwood

 Pros of solid

Many homeowners insist that they must have solid hardwood floors installed in their home. Solid hardwood floors are just that. From the top of the board to the bottom, it is one piece of solid wood. Solid wood floors add tons of value to anyone's property. Solid hardwood can be sanded and refinished multiple times. If you have a high traffic area in your home, solid hardwoods might be the way to go. Unlike other hard surface products, solid wood is the easiest to repair.

Cons of Solid

Just like engineered hardwood, solid hardwood is not budget friendly. It can be thousands of dollars more than engineered wood. Solid wood floors can only be nailed down to a wood subfloor. In areas that have concrete floors, hardwoods must be floated or glued down, meaning that solid hardwood is out of the question. It is also important to monitor moisture and humidity levels.  Solid wood naturally wants to expand and contract. Too much moisture and humidity will cause solid hardwood to create gaps in between each board. A gap can be up to 1 inch and will need repairing.





Engineered Hardwood

Pros of Engineered

Engineered hardwood floors are constructed from multiple layers of real wood. Depending on the thickness of the top layers, some engineered floors can be sanded and stained. They are more resistant to moisture and humidity. Most solid hardwood floors over time will expand and create gaps between boards. Due to the construction of engineered wood expansion gaps are less likely to occur. You can also glue engineered hardwood directly to concrete floors. Solid hardwood floors cannot be glued or used with concrete floors. It is challenging for even trained professionals to distinguish the difference between solid and engineered once installed. Engineered are also more environmentally friendly because recycled wood products can create the core. They are also less expensive to buy, install, and maintain.

Cons of Engineered  

We all know that accidents are part of life. One downside of engineered wood is that it can be complicated to repair a broken or damaged board. If the boards are glued down, it's nearly impossible for it to be taken out. The tongue and groove system is impressive but sometimes to repair one board you have to remove over half of the flooring. Its always good to order extra wood just in case something is to happen. One needs to be cautious when refinishing engineered hardwood floors. The thinner the top layer, the more likely your floors will be damaged by sanding. Only consider sanding and refinishing when you have a thick top coat. Engineered wood floors are not the best option if you are on a budget. They cost less than solid hardwood but far more than carpet and laminate. Engineered wood is not advised in areas where there could be water leaks or excessive humidity. Always make sure that all spills are cleaned immediately because water and wood floors don't mix                


Need it Fast

No worries we got you covered. Come check out our in-stock products. With one of the biggest hardwood crews on the Eastside, we can usually get your job done in less than two weeks. Call or visit us to find out more.

Material Only

If you are planning on installing yourself, we are more then happy to sell you the material. If you run into a problem with your installation, don't hesitate to call us. With all of our experience, we are more than happy to help you solve your problem.