Maintenance of your new carpet should be something performed regularly to ensure its longevity. We know that for the average busy household this is not an easy task. Let’s look at a couple simple tasks to make that carpet looking new throughout the years.


1.       Reduce the amount of dirt that is brought into your house. Place welcome mats at every entry way. Make sure that all shoes are removed prior to entering your house.

2.       Make sure that when your family pet goes outside, that their feet are wiped or washed every time they reenter your house.

3.       Invest money in a good vacuum. A quality vacuum will ensure that every time you vacuum you are getting much of the dirt and dust out of you carpet. Vacuums also help to groom your carpet fibers and keep them looking newer longer.

4.       Always be aware of new stains. The quicker you respond to spills or accidents the better your chances of stopping them from soaking through your carpet. Have on hand a good carpet cleaner. If you don’t have one you can make one by combining laundry detergent without bleach and cold water. Make sure before applying cleaners to large areas that you test a small section to ensure that the color won’t fade.

5.       Keep your carpet looking new by hiring professionals to come and deep clean your carpet. Make sure to hire companies that have great reviews Every time you wash your carpet you lose the factory protectant, that protects the fibers from stains. After your carpet is cleaned ask what products they offer to protect your carpet from future stains.

6.       Check the warranty of your carpet to make sure that you won’t violate the terms when you have your carpet cleaned.