Hardwood floors is the go to when all you want is more time relaxing less time cleaning up. Hardwood floors only need an occasional sweep to remove surface dirt. Dirt can cause major wear and tear to the surface of your hardwood. Dirt acts like sand paper and will scratch your hardwood with every step. To avoid this, make sure that all shoes are removed before entering your household and place welcome mats at all entrances. Sweep your floors at least once a week. Make sure that dogs and cats are clean before entering your household. Place furniture pad or gliders underneath all furniture that will be on top of hardwood floors. Clean up all spills right away to avoid spills from penetrating the wood causing it to swell and creating stains in the finish. Not all floor cleaner are the same. Always double check with the manufacture to see what they recommend. Before applying a cleaner, make sure to test in a small area. Higher end woods have a wax finish. You can reapply wax whenever needed to ensure saturation and a beautiful finish. Applying wax to floors that don’t have a wax finish will create a slipping hazard. Sun light will fade the look of your hardwood over time. Make sure that you constantly move furniture around so that fading is even throughout your floors. With proper care hardwood floors, can last a lifetime. If you have any more questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to call us at anytime.