Only the Best


 Tuftex by Shaw

    Tuftex by Shaw is a premier brand offering customers amazing styles and reliability. Customers who purchase a Tuftex product can count on it holding up throughout the years. Tuftex is a nylon carpet that lives up to its tough name. Customers can expect many different styles and colors to choose from.


                     Life Happens by Shaw

 Life happens is a new brand from Shaw that is going to change the way carpet is manufactured.  Life Happens is made from anso nylon. Anso nylon is a crush resistant fiber that will hold up to the busiest household. Heavy furniture will not damage this carpet. The backing of the carpet is made from a waterproof rubber material. Nothing will destroy this carpet.



Camelot is a premium carpet brand from Royalty. This carpet is for those who want to have only the very best in their home. Camelot inspects every material that is put into one roll of carpet. You wont find a roll of Camelot sitting around in a warehouse because Camelot only makes carpet once you order it. Come take a look and see for yourself what Camelot has to offer.




  Since 1966 Royalty has been making high quality carpet and setting the bar for others to follow. Royalty is made in California and is made too order.  If you want a carpet that screams quality but don't want to spend a lot, this is the perfect carpet for your home.



Moda carpet is designed for those who want a unique carpet, that will highlight any room. Moda has unique designs, colors and textures that most other manufacturers don't. If your looking for a unique carpet, Moda is the one for you.


                         Beaulieu America

Beaulieu America is a north American carpet company that provides customers with stylish, clean looking carpets. Whether you looking for a residence or commercial carpet Beaulieu has you covered with affordable, long lasting products. 



                    SmartStrand by Mohawk

SmartStrandis a revolutionary carpet that was designed to meet the performance of a nylon but with more eco friendly fibers. The fibers are also covered in Nanoloc technology which provides a stain barrier that will repel even red wine. SmartStrand is also known to be one of the softest fibers in the industry. If your looking for great looking, stain resistant carpet SmartStrand is a top contender.