Laminate has become more and more popular among homeowners over the years. Laminate is designed to look like hardwood floors, natural stone and tile. Laminate is the go to choice for those who want a durable floor but must consider their budget. Laminate is also very ecofriendly because you don’t have to cut down trees to manufacture laminate floors. Great choice for people who want to install their own floors. Laminate can be floated in most all cases and cleanup is minimal. In the past laminate got a bad rep due to the lack of quality and easy to spot fake wood or tile design. Laminate has come full circle because now laminate can outperform hardwood and look just as real as real wood. Laminate is great for rental properties because it is stain resistant and very hard to scratch even with pets. You also don’t have to worry about laminate fading in the sunlight. Also, don’t be concerned if you accidently drop something on laminate. Laminate is known for having great impact resistance and most are backed with a warranty to prove it. If you do happen to damage a aboard no worries. Unlike wood that is glued or nailed laminate floats which creates a fast and easy replacement, of broken boards. Come in today to see all the great styles on a budget that laminate can offer.